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ISSN 0204-8906

Bulgarian Historical Review (BHR) was founded in 1973 as the journal of the Institute of History (today Institute for Historical Studies) at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences published in English, French, German and Russian languages. A peer-reviewed quaterly (which since 1998 is released as a semi-annual in two double issues with the same sequence from 1 to 4), it publishes articles of original and significant research and interpretation, reviews of scholarly books, information of scientific activities, archival sources, bibliographies and other materials related to the Bulgarian and Balkan political, economic and cultural history as well as to the past of Central, Southeast and East Europe and the Eurasian region from the Antiquity until present days. Along with the historical studies the journal includes also researches of multidisciplinary character and new methodological approaches. Scholars not only from Bulgaria but from all over the world working in the field are welcome to submit articles. The editorial policy is guided by an international |Editorial Advisory Board.